The Warp Drive is a surprisingly advanced FTL device used by the Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation, it requires immense amounts of negative nergy to operate, thus limiting the size of any fleet that uses them. Once explained, most species collectively distrust it. However, for the LCF species, it is the only drive they do trust.


The Warp Drive is deceptively simple, in fact, it is activated simply by moving blocks of negative matter to two hollow rings at the front and back of the ship. The original design called for the use of negative quantum energy alone, however, negative quantum energy was impossible to create without negative mass. As a result, Warp Drives use extremely dense negative mass to warp space around the vessel, essentially beding the fabric of the universe itself to the will of the vessel's pilot. 


As the warp bubble moves, it gathers ambiant radiation and particles, if that buildup isn't moved behind the ship then it will destroy the solar system the vessel is entering. Furthermore, if the vessel is facing directly away from any star system within the same sector, that system will also be destroyed. The warp effect has also been known to cause indigestion and headaches, there are no short-term health risks to this and neural blockers are commonly used by astronauts to alleviate the pain. Theorized long-term risks include digestive tract damage, brain damage, and heart damage, among others. It is also theorized that anything hitting the bubble wall would be warped itself, causing either death or unspeakably terrible deformation resulting in constant pain. (No wonder other species distrust the drive).


  • The drive is based off of the real life Alcubierre Drive. I would say it wouldn't actually work, but if you need to hear that, then you're exactly 0.2 Keyguys insane.