Triarius is the homeworld of the Triarii. It is the second planet in it's star system and has two moons around it, which both have defense grids to aid in the defense of Triarius. There are many, many orbital defense stations around Triarius, as well as construction yards, and the Planet is the most secure and well defended location in the Triarian Collective


Triarius Fact File
Some attributes
First Total Population: 21,326,152,289
Second Triarian Population: 17,103,831,302
Third Other Population: 4,223,320,987
Other attributes
Fourth Average Temperature: 532
Fifth Gravity: 0.875G
Sixth Affiliation: Triarian Collective

Triarius has a gravity of 0.875 Gs, and an average surface temperature of 500C to 550C. Triariuss is inhabited by approximately 17.1 Billion Triarii and Billions of other races from the Collective who either live and work there or are stationed as defense forces. Like Earth, its atmosphere consists of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, but with much more Carbon dioxide than Earth and also has a high concentration of sulfer dioxide. The sky has a reddish hue, and there is no water but instead a strange lava like substance that is composed of various different minerals and vitamins which is consumed by native species in place of water.

Being a homeworld, the planet is home to a huge number of civilian Triarii numbering over twenty five trillion, as well as a large defense force. 

Notable LocationsEdit

Videt: Capital City of the Triarian Collective

Castellum: The massive citadel that serves as the capital building and a fortress