The Triarian Equitem Overwatch Artificial Intelligence program, more commonly referred to simply as Overwatch, is a highly advanced and sophisticated, sentient AI system that helps to relay orders and remind units of protocol in the field, as well as issueing rewards and punishments.

Personality and behaviorEdit

Overwatch will usually issue warnings of enemy infiltration or instructions to nearby units in a distinctive flat, clinical tone. Her disjointed speech, similar to that of telephone banking systems, might suggest that she is non-sentient, but in fact this is a result of the way she is set up

She uses a type of medically-inspired newspeak to describe enemy activity in the context of an infection and treatment. Some of her announcements also display the coercive and violent tactics used by the Triarii, which clearly shows the Triarian Collective to work on a Carrot and Stick method, with rewards for good behavoir and harsh punishments for bad behavior

Role and SystemsEdit

There are millions of Overwatch AIs in existance, referred to as "Sub Programs" and their roles vary. Generally, they existence to monitor areas, ships or groups, relay instructions, commands and reward/punishment information. Atop of this, they analyse situations and make reports as well as evaluations. They also serve in fighting off external programs that attempt to access Triarian Systems

While they are classified as part of the Equitem Caste, they also serve in roles monitering production, diplomatic contacts, Civilis Protectione roles and other non-military roles