Tolrial is the homeworld of the Saeva Simius . It is the second planet in it's star system and has three moons around it, which both have defense grids to aid in the defense of the planet. There are many, orbital defence stations, as well as construction yards, and the Planet is one of the most secure and well defended location in the Triarian Collective


Tolrial Fact File
Some attributes
First Total Population: 104,326,152,289
Second Saeva Simius Population: 84,103,831,302
Third Other Population: 20,223,320,987
Other attributes
Fourth Average Temperature: 52
Fifth Gravity: 3.572G
Sixth Affiliation: Triarian Collective

Tolrial is the homeworld of the Saeva Simius, and has a gravity of 3.572 Gs, and an average surface temperature of 30 to 63C. Like Earth, its atmosphere consists of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. The sky has a green hue, and the world is covered with thick, lucious forests, sprawling cities and beautiful oceans.

Being a homeworld, the planet is home to a huge number of civilian Saeva Simius as well as a large defense force.

In the Saeva Simian language, the word 'Hara-Gura' desginates somewhere as a City, literally meaning Stone Jungle

Notable LocationsEdit

Gura-Li-Shou (Jungle of Lost Souls): This Jungle is rumoured by the Locals to be haunted. The Collective does not believe such nonsense, and the wailing sound is, according to the official line, the call of a local bird species getting distorted as it echoes through the forest

Hara-Gura-Kilis (City of Kilis): The capital city of Tolrial, it has a smaller version of the Casetellum provided by the Collective for the Saeva Simius.