The Void is a power source that is used by the Void Humans. The Void it's self may or may not be a physical realm, as The Darkness claimed to come from something called 'The Void', but whether it was referred to this or something else entirely is unknown

The VoidEdit

The Void is a power source that is used by the Void Humans, however it is possible for other races to acquire it, but the method how is unknown. The [Void Humans]] are continuing research on how to give it to other races.


The Void involves tapping into a massive source of energy found everywhere in the universe, the amount that a person can tap into varies between there trading and the amount they are capable from birth.

Augmenting Atributes: The Void can used to be augment stength when entering battle, the amount of strength added increases with the amount of energy channeled into the ability

Energy Blasts: The void can be channeled into blasts of energy capable of causing massive amounts of damage

Flying and Telekenis:The Void can be used to give flight to the user and lift objects and others up into the air


Lighting:Self Explantory

Healing:Self Explantory

Power Generation:The Void can be used to charge things, the amount of void energy put in increases the amount of energy produced

Long Sight:This makes it so using a ball of void energy the user can see things from distances far away

There is theorized to be undiscovered abilities. There is also no mental related abilities since these aren't Psionics and is just a tappable pool of energy. However there is a few Void Humans still born with Psionics ability and can combine this with the Void to great effect.