This page is about the Great War with the Draconians. This page is incomplete and subject to change

Begining and EscalationEdit

The Great War was essentially the killing blow to the Draconian Empire. They were unable to keep up their holdings and conflicts with the Sanctum destroyed, and were forced into a war with the Equestrians and the EA. Earth was destroyed by Draconian forces and Princess Luna of the Equestrian Empire was killed as a result of the conflict

After two years of bloody fighting, the Draconians attacked and destroyed the Aetherii Remenant. The Triarian Collective, filled with rage, sent a message to the Draconian Empire

"This is not war, this is pest control! You are superior in one respect, you are better at dying!"

The Collective quickly joined the fray, mobolising their entire fleets. Asteroids filled with Corruptelae Insectum were flung at Draconian Space, some managing to slip past Draconian defences and infest entire worlds. As soon as the Triarian Collective were able to lower the defence grid of a planet, Energy Projectors were used to burn the planet to glass. Any captive Draconians were quite literally used for parts, being used to build Synths. Civilians made up the bulk of captive Draconians

By Year Five, the Draconian Empire was losing space quickly, the combined assaults on all fronts crushing their military forces. They did not step down their attacks


By Year Nine, the Draconian Empire was just a shadow of it's former self, and by Year Ten the Draconian Empire was destroyed. After that, systematic genocide by the Triarian Collective ensured that the Draconian race was sent into extinction and any surviving Draconians are hunted down by Triarian Ghost and Spectre forces, and any Draconian found is sentenced and summararily executed. Often, execution would be performed through the most brutal means the Collective could find. Females were restrained against rocks in hive worlds and infected by Corruptelae Insectum and Males would have their minds destroyed through Psionics and their bodies then taken to be genetically repurposed. The Children were killed and turned into food to be fed to the troops. If the Draconians were lucky, they would be simply shot by their captors, but this was much rarer than the more elaborate former punishments