Starmetal is a shiny silver metal found in the Changeling Empire capitol, Dracmoor. The metal is extremly hard and resistant. Starmetal can only be cut by other pieces of Starmetal.


Starmetal is pure evil and magical corruption condensed into a metallic form. The Saviour theorizes that Starmetal is sentient, capable of switching between two states at will. 

The first state is a dormant state, in which Starmetal has no effect. During this state, the Starmetal will not respond to magical testing. 

The effects that Starmetal has in its second state vary depending on the concentration of Starmetal and the proximity of a sufferer. The effects range from headaches to complete liquification of the sufferer's organs.

Use Throughout The UniverseEdit

Starmetal is used by the Changeling Empire as the basis for their weapons main power. Starmetal is capable of storing massive amounts of magic, so Changelings charge Starmetal gems with magic and encase them with other metals, creating a weapon. Starmetal is only used by the Changeling empire, although several small amounts were given to the Equestrian delegates to the Changeling Empire.