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This wiki is a wiki used for quick access to information regarding events and players in the Void of the Stars Roleplay, it was orginally called Star Empires but it was moved to RPGuild.

GM's NOTE/DISCLAIMER/WARNING: As a speculative fiction roleplay, there are multiple controversial topics touched in the roleplay and wiki. There ARE gods, all of them so far represented have been from non-human beliefs and are beings from other dimensions. These gods are in NO WAY meant to be a serious representation of what is "true". If you find the idea of your beliefs being wrong uncomfortable then this is not for you at all.

Sequel(Current RP):

Old version:

List of Empires/Nations/FactionsEdit

Universal Supreme Collective

Triarian Collective

Sazkarjhia (Moguhls)

Alexandrian Empire

Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation

The Castullian Oligarchy

New Age Equestrian Empire


The Powers Of Chaos

Destroyed or Dissolved FactionsEdit

Draconian Empire

Kingdom of Drughani

Earth Alliance

Equiis Pact (Combined Alliance that bordered on being a loose Confederacy. It was headed by the Equestrian Empire with other nations joining it)

Equestrian Empire

New Lunar Republic

Zonanese Empire

Allied Interstellar Federation

The New Roman Empire

Independent Ceteral Collective

Wars and Important EventsEdit

War of Morn

Battle of Domu

List of Sazkarjhian Civil Wars

Fall of the Draconian Empire

2nd Battle of Domu

Battle of Sazkar

Reconstruction Period

The Great Draconian War

2nd Common Sense War

Equiis-Collective War

Equestrian Civil War

Universal War

Battle of Kashyyyk

Sylve Crisis

Insurrection of Serenity

Inactive FactionsEdit

Kuuros Banner

Changeling Empire

NPC Factions/NPC EnemiesEdit

The Darkness

Sazkarjhian Pirates

Aetherii Remenant

The Plague

Sylve Faction

Abilities and EnergiesEdit



The Void

The Warp