Storm Elite Officer

A typical Sangheili Mercenary

The Sangheili (Latin Macto Cognatus meaning "I glorify my kin") are a saurian species of fierce soldiers. The Sangheili are named after their home planet, Sanghelios. They have a culture based around honour in battle and they are often found as mercenaries or privateers, serving whoever will pay them. They are most recently in the pocket of the Triarian Collective, who supplies resources to them in return for their service as privateers on Equestrian trade routes and as mercenaries in open war


Their government does not run a standing army, rather it runs a mercenary force that it routinely rents out to others who are willing to pay. Their forces are not elite as the Sazkarjhit, or as large as the other powers in the universe, but their soldiers are still very capable combatants and their relative low cost and little upkeep make them cost effective mercenaries to be feared as they not only work for other nations but for groups and even individuals


Despite their martial nature, the Sangheili have reservations to the spilling of one's own blood. This is an extension of the belief that the blood of a warrior is his essence honour; thus, to spill one's blood is to lose one's honour. As a result, in Sangheili culture, doctors are seen by many as the lowest members of society because they make people bleed without honour. This belief also makes visiting a doctor very shameful for most Sangheili. It is believed among the Sangheili that a weapon is only to be drawn if it is to be used, because a drawn weapon "demands blood." The Sangheili place great value in their names, and it is considered both a privilege and an honour for only those proved worthy. The Sangheili generally consider most opponents to be nameless unless they prove honourable.