The Reconstruction Period was a major economic boost that sparked from several crises following the Battle of Sazkar.

Death of Damwar Suar'kumEdit

On agreement with Supreme Commander Barasmus Lano'dum, troops from the Earth Alliance military forcefully took Grand Vessel Damwar Suar'kum to Mount Karbor, a rholy execution site and the most religiously important location in Zarwaunism. It was decided that the Grand Vessel, who suffered a mental breakdown following heavy losses during the Crusading Period, had lost control of his empire and needed to be ousted. Although rejectant of the idea at first, Supreme Commander Lano'dum agreed only bearing in mind that if Suar'kum continued, Sazkar could be taken over, or potentially destroyed.

In a ritual execution, the Trident of Right was used as a tool to bring Damwar to his tribunal. After the event, his son, Fakeem, was instated as the new Grand Vessel.


Worried that the Sazkarjhit may strike again, the EA kept heavy watch on them, as did other races, for three solar cycles, until Fakeem proved that what was being done was beneficial. After this, industrialization went into overtime, and Sazkarjhia went from a totalitarian dictatorship, to a more outgoing, industrialistic, democratic and militaristic empire, although still technically considered a theocratic dictatorship. This time of rebuilding for the empire then went under the name of the Reconstruction Period.