Equestrian Empire
Political information

Type of government

Unitary Theocratic Monarchy

Founding document

Unification Pact


Equestrian Constitution

Head of State


Head of Government



Supreme Commander

De facto leader


Executive branch


Legislative branch

High Council

Judicial branch

Lower Council

Societal information


Canterlot, Equiis

Official language

Equestrian Standard(English)



State religious body

Church of Faust

National holiday

Harmony Day, Elements Day, Solar Day, Lunar Day



Historical information

Formed from

From the Unification Pact, following the 2nd Changeling War

Date of establishment

Age of Union

The Equestrian Empire is made up of multiple species. The term Equestrians is usually used to refer to citizens of the Equestrian Empire or to a member of one of the races originating from Equiis. They are regarded as being one of the most peaceful nations, and the second most advanced right behind the Triarian Collective. They can be regarded as a theocratic empire as there is a official state religion but despite this other different religions are still accepted, and even then there religious nature isn't immediately noticeable upon meeting them. They also have a ability they refer to as magic, which can do many things. The name the New Age Equestrian Empire is only applied to the current version as to ditisngiush them from the old one.


The Equestrians culture focuses on a few individual values and ideas, these are acceptance of others, individual freedoms, peace with ones self and peace with others, and harmony. Harmony in Equestrian culture is defined as the state of little to no problems, essentially meaning that Harmony would be the Equestrians utopia. There is almost no crime in the Equestrian Empire, partly because magic allows food to be easily grown in massive amounts, making no starvation or impoverished people. The no little to no crime is also caused by the values mentioned above.

The Equestrian religion, which is also a centerpiece of there culture and probably one of the most important aspects of it, is the Church of Faust. Faust is in Equestrian religion, the creator of the Equestrians and magic. The Religion focuses on the same values as mentioned above, as well as progressing forward as fast as possible. It is also known that the Equestrian religion and culture tend to be a bit overpowering, often leading the Equestrians to use it as a method of getting new races to join the Equestrian Empire, and as a way to keep everyone to the same ideology.


The Equestrian Military is divided into 3 sections, the Equestrian Royal Navy, the Equestrian Armed Forces(Includes the water based navy and non-space flying vehicles), and the Equestrian Intelligence Agency.

Equestrian Royal Navy

The Equestrian Royal Navy is the space forces of the Equestrian Military. There mission is to scout, explore, fight in space when needed, and protect trade. The Royal Navy divides ships into a fleet of 101 ships. The usual composition is 1 Dreadnought, 5 carriers, 35 Cruisers, and 60 frigates. These do not incorporate transportation vessels or fighters and bombers. The Dreadnought also acts as the lead ship and ship of the Admiral leading the fleet.

The Units are as follows.


Equestrian Dreadnought: The only dreadnought currently operating in service, it is equipped with every Equestrian weapon, and along with the carriers hold fighters and bombers. It also projects the unique fleet shield, giving every ship in a allied fleet a extra layer of shielding.