The Moguhls are a Sazkarjhian ethnicity living in the Mogus Mountain Range in the Bellaran Region of Sazkarjhia on the planet Sazkar Major. They are known as one of the very few groups that are part of Sazkarjhia that practice a religion other than Zarwaunism, and are politically tolerated by it. 


The Mogus Mountain Range is one of the tallest and largest ranges in Sazkarjhia, second only to the Barkis Range in Borsarsa. There are a series of towns and villages that are terraced, and where they live. 


The Moguhls possess a strong sense of cultural identity. Brakinsonism is a religion based off of ideals of family, political and economical principles, and also of ideas of equality and natural balance (Not dissimilar to the old Confuciunist and Taoist religions from Earth). The Moguhls have a strong belief in welfare and security, and are fierce in defending these.

"People of the Blade"Edit

One thing that many note about Moguhls is that there are several men, some as young as teenagers, that carry swords of different shapes and sizes. The clan name "Mumaso" (Used as the "'mum" suffix) originates from the phrase "Seliss car a Mumaso", Sazka for "People of the Blade." An ancient tradition in the Mumaso clan is that the father passes his blade to his firstborn son, a sort of heirloom, but also to be used as a weapon. The Moguhls have very strict honor codes of battle, and one who does not claim a life with the family sword has dishonored the Mumaso clan. This is the reason for Moguhls' quick reactions to challenges and aggressive behavior. It wanes after the blade has been used. However, not every Moguhl is like this, and as a result the ones who carry a sword are referred to as the Moguhl Bladesmen.

Public OpinionEdit

The general Sazkarjhit regard of the Moguhls are generally negative. For the reasons that they adamantly uphold Brakinsonism, it was believed for long that they were heretics, and denied the word of Zarwaun. No Moguhl leader has claimed that to be true, but none of them have denied it, either. However, they often hold high military positions due to their discipline, adamancy and combat skill. The highest ranking soldier is currently Vice Commander Kora Raski'mum, leader of the AB1 Quadrant Assault Division in the Sazkarjhia Center for Naval Operations and Space Exploration.