Despite the normally unified status of Sazkarjhia, there have been occasions where altercations have occurred between the people. There has been one major conflict in their history and one very recently

Ten Year's Bloodshed (Great Bloodshed)Edit

Also known as the "Great Bloodshed," the Ten Year's Bloodshed was ten years of violent civil war when Zarwaunism was first introduced. The atheistic/pagan government during 10,000 B.C.E. wanted nothing to do with a man who claimed to have Zarwaun's teachings. However, it was seen that the only way to change anyone's mind was through a hostile takeover.

In 19991 B.C.E., an individual attempted to stage a Karakat Bam (The equivalent to a human Coup d'etat) against the government. He was successful, and within a handful of years nearly all of Sazkarjhia was converted to Zarwaunism.

The Revolt (Sazkarjhit Revolution)Edit

Following the speech made by Ambassador Hamru'gum, an ex-Sazkarjhit diplomat who defected prior to the Battle of Domu, several groups sought to bring forth revolution. While most of the government opposed of this, it was not enough to stop those who wanted change to revolt. Peacekeeping forces proved to be useless, and, with several fleets deployed to Domu, they were able to sneak out, forming three groups.

This was not a major population loss to Sazkarjhia, but their influence was powerful enough to help end the Hach-Sazkarjhit conflict, but also to unintentionally beacon to several nations to come to Sazkar Major, leading to the Battle of Sazkar.