Name of Nation: -- Kuuros Banner

Species: -- Kjurii, aka "Sirenbirds" -- Bird-like humanoids with brilliant white plumage and patterning in black and red. A subpopulation of the main species known as "sirens" may use the small, nonfunctional wings on their hips to display patterns which function as a form of basilisk hack; individuals exposed will be temporarily brainwashed into considering the siren their best friend, and commands given during this period can persist as compulsions after the main effects have worn off.

Description of Government: -- All decisions within Kuuros are made by the sirens, who maintain a loosely-consolidated meritocratic government with strong hereditary leanings. There is no single central leadership figure, with decisions instead falling into jurisdictional boundaries between broad psuedo-familial House-chapters.

Description of Military: -- The Kuuros military is mostly composed of non-siren kjurii, driven to almost fanatical levels of devotion through careful use of implanted commands and frequent exposure to the sirens basilisk hacks. Technologically, the kjurii make use of accelerator platforms, plasma beamcasters, smart munitions, and drone support.

History: -- The history of the kjurii is rather long and tragic, tracing its roots back to the discovery of a prehistoric hive-entity which took control of the species and created the sirens to serve them. While the kjurii have largely renounced the less savoury parts of their society, their civilization is still built upon the right to rule of the sirens, and the sirens themselves often have issues in dealing with other species due to how naturally their talents come to them.