The banner of the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Roil-class Assualt Ship

An Abh Assault Ship, commonly used to destroy enemy vessels using their fighter-like agility and forward-firing antiproton cannon.

The Humankind Empire of Abh was a member nation of the Allied Interstellar Federation, most citizens are genetic Abh. All Abh have their genes "purified" before birth, ensuring the continuation of traits considered "Abh".

Type of Government: Feudal Empire

Head of State: Emperor/Empress

Capital: Lakfakalle

Founding Date: 2174

Constitution: Declaration of Establishment

Official Language: Baronh

   Currency: Federation Credit
   Anthem: Let us Pledge Ourselves to Eternity Together (Farh a lomi zacsantto loréïl in Baronh)
   Formed From: Abh Civil Rights Movement


The Humankind Empire of Abh was formed out of the Abh Civil Rights Movement, a peaceful movement staged by the Abh to gain equal rights. The government of the Earth Alliance had not allowed them to become anything but fighters, considering them even lower than humans due to being created by humans. However, the peaceful protests of the Abh Civil Rights Movement seemed to prove to the humans that they were qual, or perhaps superior, to humanity. It is believed that the cause of this sudden change of beliefs in the humans was due to the fact that they were capable of choosing peaceful protests over the violent revolution the Earth Alliance was expecting when they heard that some Abh had begun to defy their class restrictions. Since then, they have become one of the dominant powers in Federation politics.


The most common religion in the Empire is the one known simply as "Abh". Unlike nearly every other religion, it has no gods or goddesses. They believe that all religions and species are equal, but completely avoid the issue of the Common Sense Doctrine by not mentioning humanity in their texts. The religion teaches a doctrine of harmony, stating that understanding is the key to peace. Their religion also has a single prophecy, that someday the entire universe will be united under one banner, and there will be no more war. They are looked upon by the humans as an immensley superior species, and quite often humans will claim that Abh are superior to all other species. However, the Abh reject this idea, but can sometimes be arrogant, but try to not show it. The closest thing the religion has to gods are the stars, as stated by a member of the religion "Its more of a 'we came from stardust' thing." Abh dress makes frequent use of the colors white and gold, in fact, every formal military uniform uses only those two colors. Abh food is similar to human foods such as rice and spaghetti, and is almost always eaten with chopsticks. The general mindset of the Abh focuses on long-range goals, due to their almost three hundred year lifespan.