The iconic "Habitat Walker" is one of the two main Walkers used by the Collective


The towering Habitat Walker has four long, but bulky legs that it uses for movement and sports dozens of Hardlight cannons and Heavy Hardlight Machine Guns and Light Dark Energy Machine Guns. It also has two massive warp cannons and sports a sort of low powered energy projector on it's main body. The Walker's upper body is somewhat shaped like a lopsided hexagon. The sheer size of the Walker allows it to destroy many buildings by simply stepping on them with its legs. 

The walker contains many sophisticated teleporation systems, hallways, storage bays for synths and mechs, which are beamed down through it's teleporation system.

The walker is also truly "all terrain", able to climb cliffs and mountains or wade through lakes and even be fully submerged. It's external armour is extremely thick, battle ship grade with shielding, making it hard to destroy with most ground based weapon. Rather, enemies should destroy its hardpoints to expose the walker's internal workings, then break the dark energy cores protective casing and from there destabalise the dark energy core through damage.


Acting as a massive battle walker, the Habitat walker is used both for transporting forces down to the surface of a planet, deploying them mid battle through teleportation and for taking and dealing large amounts of damage to enemy forces. It is an assault walker, designed to steamroll enemy opposition while deploying huge numbers of stored synths and mechs.