Fakeem-Son-Of-Damwar Suar'kum, also known as "Fakeem the Noble", is the Grand Vessel of Zarwaun, and the current Grand Vessel for Sazkarjhia. He is the son of Damwar Suar'kum. He is one of the youngest Sazkarjhit to be instated as Grand Vessel due to the circumstances of the inheritance of his appointment.

Origin Edit

Fakeem was born in the mid-2100's to Damwar-Son-Of-Oramal Suar'kum and Inni Gunria'kum in Karboria. He studied Religious Theory and Political Science at the Karboria Theological Seminary and was steadily groomed to take Damwar's position as Grand Vessel once he passed, obtaining his "connection" with Zarwaun.

Crusading Period Edit

During the Battle of Sazkar, Karboria was invaded by several races, including the then-Equestrian Empire and the Triarian Collective. Grand Vessel Suar'kum had suffered a mental breakdown and became unreasonable, and thus unfit to lead. Being forced to take matters into his own hands, the Supreme Commander at the time, and close friend to Damwar, Barasmus Lano'dum, ceremoniously executed him atop Mount Karbor.

Instatement Edit

Following Damwar's demise, Fakeem took his position with goals for a more modern approach to development. He set in motion the Reconstruction Period to help rebuild Sazkarjhia and the relations it had with other empires. He is currently the Grand Vessel, but is very old, older than most Sazkarjhit before him. While he does have a child, he has decided to let Parliament vote for a new leader (Something that rarely happens due to Kumello tradition of having the firstborn child taking office).