The Equiis-Collective War
Hunter blocks exit
A Hunter blocks the door way, trapping an unfortunate Civilian
Vital statistics
Participants Triarian Collective, Equestrian Empire, Equiis Pact,
Date Earth Year: 2266 to 2267AD

Location Equiis Pact Space

Casualties Collective:

13004 Synths 12005 Mechs 148 Bridge Personnel Total: 24157 Personnel

Equestrian: 50,000 personnel

Outcome Decisive Collective Victory

Dissolution of Equiis Pact

The Equiis-Collective War is the name given to the conflict between several member nations of the failing Equiis Pact and the Triarian Collective that lasted from 2266 to 2267 and ended with the signing of a peace treaty which gave several planets to the Collective along with huge resource reparations. It also resulted in the dissolution of the Equiis Pact and the Equestrian Empire. It is considered to be a decisive Collective Victory


Relations between the Equestrian Empire and the Triarian Collective reached their melting point, and the two clashed with the Collective publicly denouncing the Equestrian Empire. During a failed negotiations on Lakfakalle, the Collective managed to expose and highlight several hypocritical aspects of the Equestrian Empire and managed to turn public opinion against the Equestrians, which evened the field as nations withdrew their support for the Equestrians

The Conflict BeginsEdit


A Trans-Lance Human Soldier with the 'Citadel' in the backdrop

The Conflict Finally began after the Collective launched a coordinated attack of several different Equiis positions at once. Another unknown contact that was on the side of the Collective appeared and assualted an Equestrian research base. Meanwhile, the heaviest fighting was centered around one of the Equestrians Outer Colonies, in which a fleet of Collective ships appeared and began to fire upon Equestrian forces. The Equestrians attempted to retreat inside the shield and fire out from there, but several Triarian ships made a jump inside and dropped teleporter beacons. The Equestrians subsequently destroyed these beacons, but were too late to stop them sending back the 'Universal Recieval Coordinates'. A Collective construct, termed 'Citadel', was dropped through a 'super portal' and embedded it's self in the world. The Collective forces proceeded to withdraw and allow the Citadel to do it's work. The Citadel pumped out a seemingly endless supply of units before finally being crippled and self destructing, taking a chunk out of the planets landmass as it did. Thanks to the Citadel, the Equestrians lost many times the amounts the Collective lost in the battle.

Peace TreatyEdit

After the outbreak of the Equestrian Civil War, the Equestrians were in no position to continue fighting with the Collective, especially not after it became obvious the Collective had the resources to hit many Equiis positions at once and still be able to over run them. As a result a hasty treaty was brokered between the two factions, which was near enough a surrender. It gave the Collective planets from the Asari Republic, Turian Hierarchy and the Batarian government, along with their populations, as well as giving them resources which more than covered their losses in the conflict. On top of this, the Equiis Pact was disolved and the Equestrian Empire fell into Civil War. For this reason, the Equiis-Collective War is considered by many to be a decisive Collective victory