Energy Projector Fact File
Morn post conflict
Morn, a planet that suffered the fate of being 'Glassed' by Energy Projectors
Some attributes
First Tech Level: Advanced
Second Type: Weapon
Third Usage: Military, Mining
Other attributes
Fourth Subcatagories: None
Fifth Legality: Legal
Sixth Users: Triarian Collective

The Energy Projector is a Triarian weapon used exclusively by Evocatus ships and larger. It fires a thin beam of energized matter which has a very long range and is extremely accurate and destructive, capable of destroying ships easily and "glassing" planets, systematically rendering them sterile and incapable of sustaining life. With Draconian technology incorporated by the Triarii, the Energy Projector is even more deadly

Effects of usageEdit

When used on a planet, the beam causes atmospheric and biospheric destruction, scorching land and air life, and evaporating water with ease, suffocating aquatic life and destabilizing the planet's temperature. Therefore, merely firing it through the air can cause biospheric and atmospheric damage. It's usage can burn holes in the atmosphere. It will turn the planet to a 'Death World' on it's high settings.

Against ships, it causes a lot of damage. Energy shielding is the best way to protect against the usage of an Energy Projector, as the beam will slice through most materials used in ship building with ease, cutting a ship in two.

Ship types equipped with an Energy ProjectorEdit

Evocatus class Battleship: One Energy Projector

Aquilifer class Carrier: One Energy Projector

Praetorian class Ship of the Line: Two Energy Projectors

Invictus class Super Carrier: Four Energy Projectors

Aethereus Class Super Ship: Eight Energy Projectors