The Battle of Sazkar was the final major confrontation of the Crusading Period, and signaled the end of Grand Vessel Damwar Suar'kum's reign of Sazkarjhia.

Supreme Commander Lano'dumEdit

Shortly following the 2nd Battle of Domu, a revelation developed for the Sazkarjhia Peoples' Military leader Supreme Commander Lano'dum. The heavy losses that the military suffered caused severe amounts of strain for Vessel Suar'kum, who, with the revolution adding onto it, suffered a mental breakdown. After seeing the 193-year-old Grand Vessel go into a fit of rage and begin to form irrational decisions, all the while causing more damage to the governmental infrastructure, Lano'dum realized that Suar'kum was no longer fit to lead. Originally, however, it was Ambassador Hamru'gum who gave the coordinates to Sazkar Major to the Zonanese Empire, who would stealthily invade the central distric of Karboria.


However, where originally the Haches would come, the TriariansEquestrians, and Earthlings would follow suit. ODN (Orbital Defense Network) was swiftly disabled, and the lack of fleets there (As most of them had been sent to attack Domu) allowed them entry. Excluding a confrontation between the Equestrians and the Order of the Grand Vessel's Sword, where a unit of the Mech Brigade came in an attempt to hold them off, there was little resistance. With the Supreme Commander, coordinates were eventually given, and several of the races stormed the Karboria Capital District. The EA troops were the first to get to the Grand Vessel, who currently is in their custody.


Grand Vessel Damwar Suar'kum was executed ceremoniously at the holy site of Mount Karbor. In the midst of the crumbling government, his son and heir apparent, Fakeem Suar'kum, was instated as Grand Vessel. He began the Reconstruction Period, and as a result managed to save Sazkarjhia.

Relationship status with the Zonanese Empire is currently unknown. Although, it's speculated that they have, or will eventually, grow to establish healthy relations once again with Sazkarjhia.