The Battle of Domu was one of the first large-scale confrontation between major factions to be sparked by Sazkarjhit crusades. It began in June of 2147 C.C. (Cosmic Calender) and triggered a series of conflicts within Sazkarjhia and between other nations.

Invasion of DomuEdit

In June of 2147, a diplomat, Ambassador Hamra'gum, was sent from Sazkarjhia Assault Fleet 014 to engage in peace talks and information trading about the resurgence of Sazkarjhian pirates. However, Hamra'gum swiftly revealed the truth of the meeting to the three Zonanese leaders, and within moments a Trikolo-Class Destroyer, the Shadow of Mazdabar, began firing upon the floating capital of Domu where they were. 

Zonanese retaliation was brutal, and a group of soldiers were sent onto the destroyer in an attempt to cause the reactor to melt down. They were successful in removing coolant rods for one of the reactors, causing the ship to explode violently before plummeting to the surface.

This even triggered the First Battle of Domu, where Sazkarjhia Assault Fleet 014 invaded upon the surface, but were quickly repelled. However, the crisis was thought to have been averted until several more fleets came some time later, and now sent by the enraged Grand Vessel, triggering the 2nd Battle of Domu.